It's impossible to sum up how important Tessa has been to my journey in a short review. I went from feeling buried under anxiety and sadness to feeling like my sadness was my greatest asset, and something I could use to learn about myself and make a beautiful world with. After a year of the most useful therapy I could imagine, I walked away feeling stronger than ever, like I had a foundation to build my life on. I loved her so much that I drove several hours to see her after she left SF, and if my current schedule allowed for it, would be doing it every week. I feel fortunate that Tessa was here when I needed her most and that I was able to walk away with so much grounding.      ~Jillian W.

Tessa Richardson is a wise, empathetic, and helpful therapist. I benefited greatly from seeing her for a year, and was disappointed when she closed her SF office. While I felt challenged to think about issues in the week between visits, I always looked forward to being in her positive energy, having her rooting for me, helping me cope. Plus the EMDR technique worked so amazingly well in easing the trauma of my husband's sudden death, we applied the technique to several other events that had tormented me in an endless loop; now I can think of those events and not get stuck. I recommend her highly.                                                                                                                         ~Robin R. 

Tessa is patient, compassionate and deeply committed to her clients. She is down-to-earth and naturally nonjudgmental. I found her to be warm, friendly and above-all-else, trustworthy. She is a beautiful human being and I am extremely grateful to have crossed paths with her. I could not recommend her services more highly.             ~K.B.

Tessa brings a powerful mix of wisdom, knowledge and experience to her work as a therapist, all woven together with her warm, caring presence and a heart full of compassion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ~Jaclyn Long, 

Tessa's gentle presence, nurturing tone, and heart felt compassion feels as though I am talking with one of my girlfriend's. Yet there is a subtle knowing of wisdom that often pops into our time together that leaves me pondering and scratching my head questioning why I had not seen that perspective before. I often feel there is like a magical twist in the plot and suddenly a door I did not know was there opens and she is guiding me through. I highly recommend her as a therapist for anyone struggling with relationships and anxiety as she has really helped me.                                                                                                                                                                                                      ~Baili B. 

As a fellow therapist who has trained alongside Tessa for several years, I know her to be a natural therapist who is gifted in creating powerfully healing relationships. I have both felt and witnessed how Tessa's authenticity and kindness creates an environment of safety in which other humans can share their deepest selves and begin to grow into richer and more fulfilling lives. In addition, Tessa brings advanced training in a number of cutting edge therapeutic approaches such as EMDR, Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy and the Hakomi Method. I always feel very comfortable referring clients to Tessa and cannot recommend her more highly.                                                         ~Paul H. 

I had the privilege of working with Tessa at Fremont's community health center, where she served as a therapist to our patients. She is an amazing therapist. Her clients feel safe and well supported. She enables clients to engage in the healing process from life events and is well experienced in all areas of psychosocial healing. She is a kind person who truly cares for the well-being of her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone!                                                                                                                  ~M.C. 

I have had the pleasure to work with Tessa over the past 6 years. Tessa's warm and engaging presence creates an instant ease for therapy to begin. Tessa has extensive training that guide her therapeutic technique and skill in dealing with anxiety, depression and difficult couple dynamics. I have referred several clients to Tessa over the years and all have told me how safe they felt working therapeutically with her. As a fellow practitioner, it means a lot to have a very trusted referral source. I highly recommend Tessa to anyone looking to heal and grow through a safe, therapeutic experience.                                                                                                                                             ~Samantha Z.

Tessa and I used to work together at TCHC. There I had the opportunity to witness the amazing work she did with her clients. She is warm, caring, kind, and compassionate. Her clients had many positive things to say about her work, especially about how much she helped them understand their problems and heal. She has taken several advanced trainings in many therapeutic modalities, including somatic work. I highly recommend her for individual and couples therapy.                                    ~Graciela F.

Tessa has a great ability to make you feel safe and comfortable.  She has the capacity to really be there and help you develop an ability to listen to your own body and create healing experiences that allow you to make real shifts in your life.  I highly recommend working with Tessa as an individual or as a couple. You should give her a call.  I found it helpful. You're in good hands with Tessa!                                                                                                                                                                   ~Todd H. 

Its very hard to express in a review just how awesome Tessa is... I was an emotional wreck when I started seeing Tessa, she helped me get through each week without emotionally collapsing. She gave me very valuable new perspectives, ideas and advice, and following some of them helped me a lot. I looked forward to meeting her each week and sometimes I was literally surviving the week just because I knew I’d see Tessa. I feel so much stronger and better a year down the line, I count meeting her as one of the bigger blessings in my life. She is really warm and nice and I would highly recommend meeting her!                                                                                             ~S.K. 



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